Catering for all microbiological culture media needs, we offer a variety of products that range from dehydrated culture media and supplements to prepared culture media.

Situated in Randburg (Johannesburg, South Africa), our production facility is equipped with the latest equipment and workflow routines used internationally.

Welcome to Thermo Fisher Scientific, South Africa

Selecta-MEDIA products from Thermo Fisher Scientific are high quality prepared culture media for use in microbiology laboratories.

We manufacture media that range from basic nutrient agar plates for primary isolation of organisms to specialized media such as enriched culture media, identification media, chromogenic media, buffers, diluents and reagents. We also have the ability to customize existing products to suit specific individual needs.

Our Quality Management System has been certified as compliant with ISO 9001: 2015.


Tube Media
Our media in tubes is ideal for cultures requiring prolonged incubation. The screw caps contain moisture to eliminate inhibition of growth.


Plate Media
Our wide selection of sterile plates are ergonomically packed in controlled permeability film in convenient packets of 10 plates per pack. Just open and use.


Bottle Media
The tight seals on our bottles help media to stay fresh for longer by preventing dehydration and preserving nutrients needed for optimal growth of cultures.
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