About Selecta-MEDIA

Selecta-MEDIA Culture Media are manufactured
in South-Africa

Selecta-MEDIA products has an established reputation for quality and service and we share our experience in media manufacturing with our customers. Our dedicated team of media specialists and microbiologists are available to assist our customers to see that all expectations and requirements are met.

Our relationship with our international suppliers and our passion for continuous improvement help us to keep abreast with the changes in technology and methods used worldwide and puts us in the prime position to be the preferred local manufacturer of culture media in Southern Africa. We are committed to provide a professional, efficient service to our customers and to be the best at what we do.

Our a large variety of prepared culture media products are presented as:

For dehydrated media products and supplements from the Oxoid range, products from the Remel range or for reference organisms from Microbiologics Inc. USA, please contact mbd.sales.za@thermofisher.com

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